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[movies]SEGA Mega-CD Promotional Video - Sega
This was sent out to stores and with some video games magazines in the UK to publicize the Mega-CD(Sega CD in North America). At first you might think you're watching an old cologne commercial and it definitely has that 90's "futuristic" style going with the intros, but it's mostly game footage. This is the full video including the "What Happens Next?" segment and a bunch of footage of SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis games that were about to come out.
Keywords: mega cd; sega mega cd; promo video
Downloads: 647
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [092] Soulstar - JagOfTroy
Requested by Mad-Matt. The controls in this game are mind-bogglingly difficult which is why I ended up slugging it out with the mobs and bosses to complete each level to bring this longplay to you. Can't say I enjoyed this one very much or that I have anything to say about it. It sucked, wasn't very entertaining and I'm glad it's over so I never have to play this AGAIN.
Keywords: longplay; Mega-CD; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 289
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [091] Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure - JagOfTroy
Requested by Mad-Matty. Can't say I particularly enjoyed this very much but it does look great for it's time.
Keywords: longplay; Mega-CD; JagOfTroy; Pitfall
Downloads: 413
[movies]Sega Mega CD Longplay [100] Sonic CD J - Amy Rose
This is my longplay for Sega-Mega CD of Sonic CD (japan).Sonic arrives at Never Lake where the fabled Little Planet (also known as Miracle Planet) is said to appear on the last month of every year. Sonic arrives to find the planet tethered to a mountain by a chain and completely mechanized. Sonic realizes this is the work of his arch-nemesis, Doctor Eggman, who had set foot in this island to transform it into a giant fortress...
Keywords: Sonic CD; sega; mega cd; genesis; game; console; japanese
Downloads: 153
[movies]Sega Mega CD Longplay 123 Vay - Valis77
A very good underrated RPG. Note: i had to level off screen when leaving and entering a town and dungeon, but you can tell by the interface on the far right screen.
Keywords: Vay; segacd; sega; mega cd; genesis; game; console; rgp; longplay; hq; complete; secrets
Downloads: 69
[movies]Mega CD Longplay [132] The Ninja Warriors - ScHlAuChi
Pretty good port!
Keywords: sega; genesis; mega cd; sega cd; mega drive; ninja warriores; game; longplay; complete; japanese
Downloads: 33
[movies]Mega CD Longplay 010 Space Ace - MadMatty
Conversion of the arcade laserdisc original to the Sega CD.  It's a short game when you know what to do but damn is it difficult.  You pretty much need to know what moves to press before the following scene plays else you don't have enough time to react especially towards the end of the game.  I add the demo's of dragons lair and Brain dead 13 onto the end of the video.As a bonus, you can also download a longer video which contains all the fmv scenes of the game...
Keywords: Space Ace; sega cd; mega cd; genesis; mega drive; game; longplay; walkthrough; complete; fmv
Downloads: 59
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [097] Puggsy - MadMatty
Sega cd port of this puzzle game.  All levels shown including secret levels and the 6 bonus levels.  Its mostly the same as its cartridge counter part with the addition of cd audio for music and fmv cutscenes.There is a secret level where you can stack blocks to spell works to end the level with for bonuses.  I only tried to show 'Heros' which should have shown a hidden message screen, but it seems this is only in cartridge version even though its listed in the credits...
Keywords: Psygnosis; puggsy; sega; segacd; game; console; mega drive; genesis; longplay; complete; secrets; mega cd; cd
Downloads: 99
[movies]Mega CD Longplay [127] Mary Shellys Frankenstein - MadMatty
Frankenstein in the form of an action adventure game on the Mega-CD.  The Genesis and Snes versions are side scrolling platform beatemup style games.The Intro is quite long and drawn out so will be a few minutes before gameplay starts. As an adventure game, its fairly simple and works quite well.  Not too many objects to find and only a few screens to work with per chapter.  I avoid the fighting sections where I can and show the use of found items.The fighting sections can be annoying and thi...
Keywords: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein; game; sega; sega cd; mega cd; genesis; console; longplay; adventure; complete
Downloads: 76
[movies]Segs Mega CD Longplay 121 Cobra Command - MadMatty
Cobra Command played on Advanced difficulty, no visual hitboxes shown.  The less dithered look makes it look abit better than Road Avenger, but seems to come at the cost of an even lower resolution.  The final level was a real pain as there is literely split seconds between all the targets on screen and you have to shoot the missile at them before the enemy is on screen.   Another enjoyable Arcade game though.
Keywords: Sega; mega cd; sega cd; genesis; game; console; cobra command; wolfteam; longplay; complete; hq
Downloads: 97
[movies]SEGA Mega CD Longplay [096] BC Racers - MadMatty
Fairly simplistic karting game making full use of the Sega-CD hardware scaling.  The only powerup is the Nitro boost given on each lap completion. The car has a limited amount of health which you can restore in the pit lane at the end of each lap.  you only have 2 attacks which involve hitting your opponent on their left or right side, although sometimes you can ram them at the cost of your own health.So the game-play is quite simple, but the AI can be a little annoying, and are never far be...
Keywords: BC Racers; Core design; sega; game; console; mega drive; mega cd; sega cd; genesis; longplay; complete
Downloads: 90
[movies]Mega CD Longplay [129] Ecco The Dolphin - MadMatty
This version of the game uses CD audio for its music and some extra levels not found in the cartridge version. There are also a couple of fmv sequences later in the game.The game is very challenging and long. Much longer when you are still working out where to go in the levels.  The level called city of forever can be completed in one of two ways.  I show both. the quick way I show when you return  to the level for the second time near the end of the game.
Keywords: Ecco the dolphin; mega drive; genesis; mega cd; sega cd; game; console; longplay; complete; walkthrough
Downloads: 48
[movies]Mega CD Longplay [130] Ecco The Tides Of Time - MadMatty
It time for  Time Travelling Dolphins vs Aliens again and this time in a much more challenging and longer game.  CD version uses Audio tracks for the music.  Difficult mode has been played which makes some levels a little longer and trickier and a little repetitive, especially when repairing the asterite and only one warp gate at the start of the level.  Also a few extra levels no in easy or normal play.I show and collect all the historic glyphs which play FMV clips showing the story of the ...
Keywords: ecco; tide of time; sega cd; mega cd; genesis; mega drive; game; console; longplay; complete; walkthrough
Downloads: 51
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [076] Supreme Warrior - MadMatty
Once again some smartass developer thaught it would be a good idea to limit the ending movie to those that can complete the game on Expert(Supreme) difficulty. Sorry for looking n00bish playing the game I did the best I could. Blocking is easy as you always see that coming but timing the other hits is insainly precise. Another issue with the game is the odd option of the B+C buttons switching the language track in the game anytime durring play...
Keywords: Sega CD SegaCD Mega MegaDrive Drive Genesis Console Supreme Warrior FMV 1994 Digital Pictures Mega-CD (Video Game Platform) Longplay Shortplay Complete Ending secrets walkthrough solution Playthrough Gameplay
Downloads: 129
[movies]Sega CD Longplay [066] Wing Commander - MadMatty
As a fan of the Wing Commander games, this has been along time comming but I think it was worth it. Its a good port thats geared towards the sega-cd's strenghts rather then a just hope for the best approach of monkey island. It is more colourful then the Amiga 500 version and also faster due too the systems dual 68000's. Well I say faster, but once you get into heavier combat later in the game it crawls just as bad and is barely playable...
Keywords: SegaCD Sega genesis Mega CD Drive 1995 Wing Commander EA Electronc Arts Origin Systems space opera shoot em up shooter combat cinematic complete longplay walkthrough solution playthrough
Downloads: 233
[movies]Retro Core - Volume 1 - Yakumo
8 great games featured from the Famicom (NES), Sharp X68000, Mega CD, Arcade, Saturn, Super Famicom (SNES) and PC Engine Super CD. Plus a close up look at the Sega branded Wondermega. Released in 2004.
Keywords: Retro Core; Game; Sega; Famicom; NES; Sharp X68000; Mega CD; Arcade; Saturn; Super Famicom; SNES; PC Engine Super CD; Wondermega
Downloads: 15,784 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Retro Core Volume 3 - Yakumo
Retro Core Vol:3 promises to be the best so far ! Back by popular demand is the Hardware close up plus a new Vs feature which will show the same game running on two platforms. Here's what you can expect to see. Arcade Special (Film of inside a retro arcade), Best Christmas game ever (you probably know what this will be), Axelay and Run Saber on the SFC, Granada on the Sharp X68000, Bari-arm on Mega CD, Techomotor on Saturn, Panorama Cotton on the Mega Drive...
Keywords: Retro Core; Arcade; Christmas; Axelay; Run Saber; Super Famicom; Granada; Sharp X68000; Bari-arm; Mega CD; Techomotor; Saturn; Panorama Cotton; Mega Drive; PC Engine; Devil Crash
Downloads: 9,883
[movies]Sprites, Shapes & Co #23: 16-Bit Racer (Lotus, Top Gear, XJ220) - Acrid
Neben Shoot' em Ups sind Arcade-Racer aus der 16-Bit Zeit meine zweite groÃe Leidenschaft. Einige spiele ich auch heute noch gerne und oft. Die Racer von Shaun Southern bzw. seines Entwicklerstudios Magnetic Fields haben mich seinerzeit besonders beeindruckt, weil sie endlich das Arcade-Feeling bekannter Automatenrennspiele nach Hause gebracht haben. Mit dieser Folge erinner ich an eine wunderschöne Zeit, zu der die Rennspiele noch so richtig "arcadig" waren.
Keywords: commodore; amiga; cd32; sega; mega drive; sega-cd; mega-cd; sega cd; mega cd; nintendo; super nintendo; snes; genesis; shaun southern; magnetic fields; lotus esprit turbo challenge; lotus turbo challenge 2; top gear; jaguar xj220; core design; Jaguar XJ220 (video Game); The Planet's Champ TG3000; top racer; lotus trilogy
Downloads: 100
[movies]Retro Core - Volume 2 - Yakumo
Fixed picture size and sound quality over the original Retro Core as well as a much smaller file size. Again 8 great games featured from the Neo Geo (Art Of Fighting), Mega Drive (Bare Knuckle 2), Super Famicom (Umihara Kawase), Dreamcast (Soul Calibur), Arcade (Newzeland Story), Master System (Psycho Fox), Mega CD (Annette Futatabi) and Sharp X68000 (Akumajo Dracula /Castlevania/) Originally released in 2004.
Keywords: Retro Core; Neo Geo; Art Of Fighting; Mega Drive; Bare Knuckle 2; Super Famicom; Unihara Kawase; Dreamcast; Soul Calibur; Arcade; Newzeland Story; Master System; Psycho Fox; Mega CD; Annette Futatabi; Sharp X68000; Akumajo Dracula; Castlevania
Downloads: 5,607
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 5 - CITV
07/10/1993 Main Review: Street Fighter 2 Turbo (SNES) Features: A Mega CD Karaoke add-on and a Karaoke Macbeth CD-ROM; The development of MPEG and the Reel Magic PC card Report: Turning movies into games
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a mega cd karaoke add-on and a karaoke macbeth cd-rom; the development of mpeg and the reel magic pc card; turning movies into games; street figher 2 turbo
Downloads: 275
[movies]Retro Core Volume 6 - Yakumo
Retro Core Volume.6 is now available after many weeks of problems filming and encoding it. The line up features some really nice extras such as the Hitachi Saturn close up and a PC88 Special featuring many games. Also featured on Vol.6 is Digital Dance Mix & Taromaru on the Saturn, Yuu Suzuki Game Works on the Dreamcast, Contra Spirits for the SFC, Street Fighter 2 on the X68000 and Dennen Aleste for the Mega CD.
Keywords: Retro Core; Game; Sega; Hitachi Saturn; PC 88; Dance Dance Mix; Taromaru; Saturn; Yuu Suzuki Game Works; Dreamcast; Contra Spirits; SFC; Street Fighter 2; X68000; Dennen Aleste; Mega CD
Downloads: 6,768
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